Vacuum Bagging

The vacuum bagging process is important when producing critical laminates. This procedure produces laminates with higher reinforcement to resin ratios and fewer voids. Honeycomb core must be vacuum bagged due to the limited bonding area along the cell edges. On a 10″ x 10″ laminate, vacuum bagging with 21″ Hg produces over 1000 lbs. of clamping pressure. We carry a complete line of Vacuum Bagging Supplies, including yard goods, connectors, hoses, and vacuum sources. Quantity discounts are available for all vacuum bagging yard goods. Receive 10% discount on purchases of 10 – 29 yards, 15% discount for 30 – 49 yards, 20% discount for 50 – 99 yards, and 25% discount for 100 + yards. Please contact us for Full Roll pricing.

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